Gravity Fields Festival Online

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Gravity Fields Festival Online


FULL EVENT LISTINGS Saturday 26 September:


Presented by Jon Chase, Rap Science 2pm online premiere - FREE TO VIEW ON YOUTUBE

3pm plus live Q&A with Jon via Zoom Book for Q&A here

A tour of the solar system with a difference! Join science presenter Jon Chase as he explains just how extreme our Solar system can be, through the use of science-based raps that you can join in with at home! He’ll be answering questions like: How big is the solar system? How puny is Pluto? How cold is a crater? What’s the smelliest planet? Caution: contains facts of a humorous nature.

Featuring raps written for the BBC, this show is both informative and entertaining. Jon is the UK’s foremost proponent of Science Raps, his raps have featured on CBeebies’ Rhyme Rocket, CBBC’s Space Hoppers and Channel 4 Learning. Suitable for families and children 6 years and over



In the 1660s Sir Isaac Newton began experimenting with sunlight and prisms. While he was experimenting at home at Woolsthorpe Manor, near Grantham – keeping away from the plague in a kind of 17th century lockdown – he discovered that white light was made up of the colours of the rainbow. Inspired by Newton’s experiments with light, we are launching a brand new photographic Creative Colour Challenge open to all residents of South Kesteven and beyond. The challenge will be launched online as part of this special day and will lead to the creation of some very special and completely original SK flags.

Tune in to see the challenge video for all the details. -




Another chance to see our specially commissioned short films in which Sir Isaac Newton (AKA actor Mark Griffin from Griffin Historical) shares his wisdom and advice. Sir Isaac will even be showing you how to do your own experiment to ‘split white light’.

Episode 1 | Quarantine Adventures

Episode 2 | All the Colours of the Rainbow

Episode 3 | Hit on the Head with an Apple




In association with STEM East Midlands

STEM ambassadors are welcomed to a networking event to discuss how events such as Gravity Fields have an impact on young people’s lives and the community’s understanding of the importance of STEM. Anyone with an interest in science, technology engineering and maths is welcome to this event. Book a place via Eventbrite



The Creativity Code: How AI is learning to write, paint and think

Saturday 26 September 7pm

In this live online talk, based on his bestselling book, Marcus du Sautoy examines the nature of creativity, as well as describing how algorithms work, and the mathematical rules underpinning them. Marcus finds out how long it might be before machines come up with something creative, and whether they might jolt us into being more imaginative in turn.

Marcus du Sautoy is Simonyi Professor for the Public understanding of Science in Oxford.

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