Djibo Arts Island

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Van Hage Garden Centre, Peterborough One (PE1) Retail Park, Eye Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 4YZ
The entrance to Djibo Arts Island at the Van Hage Garden Centre.

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About the Artist

Roland grew up in West Yorkshire as part of a large Caribbean family. He is passionate about creating great art. Creating art has been a sanctuary for him. He has been inspired by many cultural influences, such as West Indian art, African art and Neolithic cave paintings. His storytelling is done through art and painting.

He has produced a variety of art. He has done paintings, created murals and even produced charity art. He has worked in many countries like France, Canada, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria. Many cultural influences have motivated him to create great art work. He enjoys painting and most of the narrative elements his art brings. He paints on various materials from canvas and wood to kitchen towels and wax. Many different tools are used create his artwork like pens, highlighters, oil paints and charcoal sticks.

He teaches basic English and Maths using his artwork. He also does school workshops. He teaches his students different art skills, shows them how to express themselves through art and encourages them to be more creative using different items, such as clothes pegs, combs and forks.  

‘’Painting has always been the key to who I’m today. Painting for me is storytelling. The story takes precedent over shapes and colour. Also, painting is like dreaming – dreaming in multicolours, in bright images and perpetual restless movement.”  Roland Burt

A lot of his artwork is very fascinating. ‘Ladies shopping’ is a remarkable work of art, which contains every letter of the English alphabet and all the numbers from one to ten. Roland’s favourite number is 7 and his first name begins with the letter R. The number ‘7’ and the letter ‘R’ are hidden or incorporated within most of his images. Many people enjoy trying to spot the number ‘7’ and letter ‘R’ which are camouflaged within his images.

If you would like to purchase this beautiful artwork or discover more of his other masterpieces click on the links below:

Would You Like to Dance? Artwork:

To purchase Roland’s other Artwork:



How did your business start?

Roland had belief in his business and felt he could make a difference to the art industry. He started selling his artwork in a variety of places like the Peterborough Visitor Information Centre. He also sells his artwork through his Djibo Island centre at the rear of the Van Hage Garden Centre in Peterborough. He also created a website that displays all of his artwork.

Some people have requested commissioned paintings, these were usually souvenirs reminding people of their travels or gifts for special occasions. From the beginning he decided to share his passion for art with others by providing workshops, this helped share his art making skills with others, whilst delivering the message that art helps with your wellbeing and is an great way of learning the basics of life skills.

For more information about his journey, purchase the book called ‘Celebrating Diversity’ from Waterstones or Amazon.




What is Djibo Art?

Djibo is a town in northern Burkina Faso, West Africa. Djibo art is Afro-Caribbean art which depicts unique images of people and animals in different cultures. Roland’s mother gave him the pet name, ‘Djibo.’ The word ‘Djibo’ means many lights in her native language. As a child Roland always had a smile on his face and it lit moments for her in dark times. Out of respect for his mother he named his business ‘Djibo.’ Roland describes his art as vibrant and full of movement with a twist. He uses the word ‘Djibo,’ as a representation of his art.

What has inspired you to create great art work?

From the age of three Roland’s perception of the world changed, he sees the world in a variety of ways. From the age of 5 his mother saw that he always had a pencil with him and something to draw on. He expressed himself best through his art. Roland would often try to ‘put the visions that flowed onto whatever was at hand. Every piece you see is a memory of a story. As he got older it became a vision of the past, today and in some cases tomorrow.’

Are you selling any new products?

I am currently selling garden art.

He is an innovative artist that has transformed drab wall fences into reconstructed African and Caribbean sceneries. Look out for the new weather proof cushions made from vibrant colours, picnic tablecloths, mugs, kitchen towels and much more. Even celebrities like the ‘Hairy Bikers’ have purchased his aprons.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I deliver art workshops for all ages and all cultures at my complex called ‘Djibo Island.’ The Djibo shop, Rum shack with world music and food demonstrations, Workshop cabin and gallery, help re-create new atmospheres and environments here in Peterborough.

Are there any interesting facts about your business?

My buildings are made from recycled materials and I only use local suppliers for my business. I am trying to only support local businesses.

What is your company aiming to achieve in 2021?

He wants the company to continue growing and once the country and his company re-opens, he would like to carry on supporting the clients that use his service.

Which of your product’s is a best seller?

Roland is best known for his art work called ‘Transitions,’ which is very popular with customers. It is a best-seller because of its use of powerful images and different colours which have the ability to tell a story. Check the story of this painting on his website under story of the month https//

Where can people purchase your artwork from?

You can purchase Roland’s art work from the Djibo Island site at the rear of Van Hage Garden Centre Peterborough Gift Shop or from the GPPrint website.

Peterborough Gift Shop:

GPPrint website:


How can people find out more about your art?

You can keep up-to-date with Roland’s art work and see his latest art work in the national travel magazine called ‘TravelWorld’ and you can also listen to the local radio station called muzic radio every day, where his artwork is promoted. Sometimes he gets involved in local art exhibitions. He is currently displaying some at the Peterborough Art museum. He will soon have a brand-new website that will promote all his products and services. You can also find out more about Roland’s art work on Facebook ( and Instagram (


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