Tim Peake's Spacecraft @ Peterborough Cathedral

See Tim Peake’s Soyuz TMA-19M space capsule, accompanied by Space Descent VR, in beautiful 900-year-old Peterborough Cathedral.

Samsung and Science Museum Group logosThe spacecraft has endured temperatures of more than 1500 degrees Celsius and has travelled at 17000 miles an hour during its journey to and from the International Space Station. It carried astronauts Yuri Malenchenko, Tim Kopra and Tim Peake on their Principia mission, returning to earth on 18 June 2016.

As part of the exhibition you will be able to see Tim Peake’s own Sokol KV-2 emergency spacesuit which he wore during the launch and return to earth. The magnificent 25m diameter parachute deployed in the descent of the spacecraft to earth will also be on display. And don't miss the opportunity to take a photo posing in the 'selfie spacesuit'!

The exhibition is on an eight-venue UK wide tour, presented by Samsung and the Science Museum Group. Peterborough Cathedral won a national competition to become the sixth venue on the tour.

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge.

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